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Welcome to the Fellowship of Jesus' Churches

We exist to expand the Kingdom of God worldwide through church planting, ministry planting, leadership training, ministry education, biblical education, and providing apostolic, prophetic, pastoral, evangelistic, and teaching covering to ministers, missionaries, ministries, and churches. 

Explore. Visit one of our churches. Enroll in one of our Bible and ministry schools. Partner with us to change lives, have a Kingdom impact, empower Kingdom leaders, and expand God's Kingdom globally. It was Jesus' purpose and vision in coming to this world. It is ours. Let it be yours!


Our churches are Christ-Centered, Kingdom-Focused congregations where the message, ministry, methods, and results are expressed and experienced. Churches pattern themselves after the church of the Bible, move in the prophetic, and are filled with the presence of God by the Holy Spirit's activity in worship gatherings and ministry.  


House Churches

The House Church Network is an ever-growing net of ministries that arise within homes or the workplace. We train and cultivate leaders in these ministries to reflect and express the same values seen in our churches.


God calls and equips people to serve in ministry in ways beyond pastoring or serving within a church. We provide covering, equipping, and accountability for people in ministry or the mission field outside the local church. We cultivate these to express and reflect the values seen in our churches and house churches, but to do it in the greater parts of the world.

School of Ministry and the Bible


Why is it that Christian universities and colleges fail to teach the message Jesus preached to their graduates? Is there a place where ministers can receive a balanced education in the Word of God, and have the confidence that they are learning the content and practical application of the message and ministry of Jesus? Yes!

3 Year Diploma of the Bible

A thorough study of the whole of Scripture at a collegiate level, for the biblical education of church members and people in ministry. Diploma graduates also receive their minister's license and ordination.

2 Year Ordination Program

For the person who serves in ministry or desires to serve in ministry with a strong biblical education and the proper credentials to minister in the community.

1 Year Minister's License Program

You want to grow in the Word of God. You want to be empowered to minister. Perhaps hospitals, missions, prisons, schools, or other community based ministries are on your heart.

School of the Prophets

This school is a place where the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are taught, experienced, demonstrated, and imparted. Our purpose in the School of the Prophets is to equip you to be an effective church member or minister for God wherever you are. Knowing, growing, and flowing in the gifts of the Spirit, offices of ministry, and seeing, hearing, and feeling aspects of God's voice will maximize your effectiveness in ministry.

2 Year Holy Spirit Ministry Program

A thorough study of Scripture at a collegiate level, coupled with specialized teaching, training, cultivation, and empowerment in the things of the Holy Spirit, including gifts, offices, and more.

Graduates of the School of the Prophets also receive their Minister's License and Ordination.